Exhibition Pictures The Art Show 2023

Move aside Mussorgsky. This is SEATON…

With steely determination, style and verve Liz Wheeldon and Vivienne Graham walked along the sea front advertising the show for us. They were wearing sandwich board signs and sporting huge Kenny Everette style hands.

They were fun. Conspicuous. And mingled with the holiday makers at the prime holiday time.

They talked to people, had their photos taken dozens of times and were asked it they were participating in some sort of performance art! But, of course, that was the idea. And it worked! Brilliantly well. We had the best show ever with a huge number of visitors and a considerable increase in sales.

It was held at the Council’s Marshlands Centre. A step away from the beach, slap bang in the middle of the busy part of town.

Terry Jeavons, Richard Lack, Robert Oldfield and a team of volunteers designed and made the new display boards seen below. Very stylist. Those boards..

It gave the room a sort of ‘maze’ effect which encouraged people to linger and explore the room rather than them being able to taking it all in at once. Very clever.