Exhibition Info

2021 Online Exhibition Information for Members


We are currently busy organising our 2021 and 49th Exhibition to be held online again this year. The general goal is to keep this as simple as possible and to maximise the number of members who can exhibit their artwork.

Your exhibits, as a current member, must be of your own original 2D or 3D artwork that has not been exhibited before either live or online.

2021 Online Exhibition Format

Our exhibition will appear on our current website, as the 2021 Online Exhibition Gallery and covering several pages, showing the photos of your works of art along with information about the work, akin to the usual Yellow Label information, price or NFS (not for sale) etc.

Preparing Your Submission

I trust everybody has been busy over the last year creating new works of art and are now looking forward to exhibiting them. Please note that currently we are limited to a maximum of 2 exhibits per member, although this is likely to increase.

A digital photographic picture of each of your exhibits will need to be submitted by email along with their title and general information. Preparation to provide the best image you can is so very important.

  • Please note that we recommend that you sign your work before photographing it, framed or unframed.
  • YOU CAN HAVE A FRIEND HELP YOU PREPARE. Please feel free to have a friend help you and it should be fun. Note that if they are emailing your submission on your behalf be sure they include your name in the information details.
  • Digitally photograph your work in good light avoiding; reflections, shadows or glare.
  • A smart phone or tablet that has built in cameras are ideal as submissions can be sent directly from the device. Or use a digital camera although the image will need to loaded to an online device and then emailed.
  • Position your work so it can be photographed head on, and therefore the image does not appear distorted or misshapen. The easiest photographic position is, for example, hung on a wall or a door at about head height.
  • Most smart devices provide controls for you to crop off and remove any excessive borders or edges. Some devices allow you to amend your photograph a little, but please only do this so that the digital image best resembles your actual art work. Again maybe a friend can help you.

Prepare title and label information for each artwork:-

Size: W (for width) and H (for height) (in cm please)
Framed: W (for width) and H for (height) or N/A .
Price: nn pounds (or ‘NFS’, if Not For Sale)

For example:
Title: GOOD Photo Example of my Picture
Artist: Mike B
Medium: Watercolour and Ink on W&N 300gsm CP
Size: W 24cm x H 30cm
Framed: N/A
Price: 200 pounds

Submitting Your Work

  • When you are ready, write the email clearly stating the artists name.
  • Add to your email the title and labelling information as prepared for each image.
  • Include your digital picture or pictures.Again a friend maybe able to help you.
  • Send your email submission to webmaster@seatonartsociety.co.uk.
  • Submission period is from the 12th July to the 2nd August 2021. Please send yours as early as possible during that period.
  • Please remember your price for artworks should include the consideration of a 20% to the club and the nominal minimum price for any exhibit is 25.

Exhibiting Your Work

Our 49th Exhibition will go live on the 6th August and be live until mid-September 2021.

Please note the best opportunity to sell your work will come from submitting a good photograph.

For easy of identification we will attribute a unique reference number to each art work submitted. That code will appear alongside the title, artist, medium, size and price information on the website which will identify the piece if sold.

We will again be running a Members Only Choice of The Best in Show competition for the first week of the exhibition. Send your ONE vote, stating the Title, Artist, and the Ref Number, to:- exhibition@seatonartsociety.co.uk
from opening night until 14th August.

Sales facilitation

When pricing SDAS members should include our nominal 20% donation from the artist to help cover exhibition costs for any sales of exhibits. You may wish to consider this when pricing your art.

  1. Our website will direct any purchasing enquiries to buy a piece of art from the exhibition to secretary@seatonartsociety.co.uk.
  2. The SDAS team will forward to the artist/seller the email from the Buyer so they can contact them to finalise the sale and collection or shipment details.
  3. The actual financial transaction is between the buyer and seller.
  4. The 20% donation should follow direct after completion.

Website information for potential buyers

Please contact secretary@seatonartsociety.co.uk for all purchase enquiries giving the reference number of the artwork along with your contact details.

Arrangements for collection and or packaging, payment and shipment are agreed direct between the seller and buyer.

Further points of note

We will soon be emailing you copies of invites so you easily invite your family friends and contacts not just those locally but from all over the world.

Most important of all, this is a fun joint venture between the Committee and you the Members. If you have any experience or observations to share please contact Mike Brown on exhibition@seatonartsociety.co.uk.

Mike Brown
Exhibition Co-ordinator

To print the above information open the PDF file below and print.