Demonstrations at Colyford Memorial Hall

Demonstrations at Colyford Memorial Hall

Swan Hill Road Colyford EX24 6QJ

2pm – 4 pm

FREE to Members and 3 to visitors

2024 Diary

January 8th – ALEX BOON

February 5th – LISA TAKAHASHI




May 6


Katherine graduated in 1990 and spent time exploring her passion of jewellery and metalwork before moving into teaching. She gained a qualification in Adult Learning in 2001 and worked for Devon ACL teaching Life Drawing before setting up her own classes and workshops.

Katherine has taught adult life drawing classes since 2001. However, during 2009-2013 her work was also directed towards helping encourage creativity within children through her ‘Mini Picasso’s’ youth classes .

Katherine is still involved in working with children through her ‘Creativity on the Coast’ workshops for local nursery, primary and secondary schools, however her main focus is now on adult learning. Her weekly classes across Devon explore life drawing through a variety of mediums and are open to adults of all abilities.

June 3


I am a pastel artist based near Exeter, in the South West of England, inspired by horses, people, and the dramatic landscapes around me. I paint to capture a moment in time, and what it feels like to be there, breathing life and energy into my subjects.
Awards news 2023!
At the Pastel Society Exhibition 2023 at the Mall Galleries, my painting Through the Haze was awarded the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award AND the Visitors Choice Award.
I was also delighted to receive the Visitors Choice Award (and a cup!) at the 2023 Exmouth Art Group Exhibition.
My pastels were also awarded the Best Works by an Associate Member at the Society of Equestrian Artists Horse in Art Exhibition 2022

I am delighted to be starting soon as an Artist Mentor with Mastrius, you can find out more here.

September 2


Living in Devon, England, it is easy to be inspired by the countryside, moors, coast and sky. Painting outside on location “en plein air” when the light, weather and even the subject is changing is a challenge that I love, and one that helps to create paintings that I hope are atmospheric, authentic and evocative, whether outside, from life or in the studio.

Ioften use Instagram for working snapshots of my latest work so if you see something you’re interested in that’s not on my website yet please ask me about itI enjoy giving others confidence to find their unique artistic voice outdoors so if you’re a developing artist and you’d like to join me in a plein air workshop, or a weekend painting retreat here in Devon, or even want to arrange a painting demonstrationplease click where underlined for more information. If you’d like a gift certificate for a plein airworkshop please get in touch here

October 7


Jake exhibits widely in the south of England and in 2004 was a finalist in the Daily Mail’s ‘Not The Turner Prize’ competition. In 2007 his work was selected for the Royal Society of British Artist’s exhibition in The Mall Galleries, London, and from that time he has been contributing regular articles about his painting style for The Artist magazine. Jake has been the subject of three instructional DVD’s by Townhouse Films:- Watercolour from Dark to Light, Light and Movement in Watercolour and most recently Going Wild in Watercolour. Jake’s book Light and Movement in Watercolour was first released in 2012. Jake has been winner of category and best in show at Marwell International Wildlife Art Society’s annual exhibition and in 2009 was awarded the prestigious St. Cuthberts Mill award for best watercolour at the Society of Equestrian Artist’s annual show. Inspired by light and movement Jake’s paintings are a reflection of the world around him. As well as exhibitions in London and the south of England he has undertaken many fine art commissions for individuals and notable organisations including The National Trust. In addition to his work, Jake demonstrates and tutors all over the country and runs his own workshops and masterclasses in Dorset.

November 4


My art practice has become more process driven and a personal expression where fragments of nature and everyday life that have been soaked up are reworked through the creative process. Like pieces of an unconscious puzzle that emanate from deep inside become resolved in the artwork. Colour, shape, texture and line the visual words of something intangible. My passion for exploration, experimentation and play allows my artistic voice to evolve and keeps me engaged with my work.

In terms of process, I usually start with intuitive drawing, mark-making and expressive, gestural brushstrokes. I work mainly in acrylic and water-based materials on canvas, wood panels and paper. Their quick-drying quality allows me to move rapidly onto the next layers. I then build up layers and texture using a variety of mediums including acrylic, ink, charcoal, pastels, collage and graphite. I subtract through drawing, scraping, washing and sanding back into the layers which creates a rich history on the surface. I alternate working intuitively and analytically until a balanced composition is resolved.

My work is held in private collections across the UK and abroad and I am represented by a selection of local and two international galleries Saatchi Art and Singulaart.

December 2



Trained at Sir John Cass, Central St. Martins and Chelsea Schools of Art and Design
She seeks to make the invisible visible, the ‘everyday’ matter, with the figure proving an endless source of inspiration.

‘I like my paintings to have a sculptural feel as if I have carved them into being, ready to engage with the viewer at a moments notice!
Both as illustrator and writer Carolyns work often shows a serious sense of fun occasionally venturing into 3D as complement to her unique children’s books.

Exhibitions include Royal Academy, The RWA (selected painters) Association of Illustrators and the Mall Galleries
Clients include Oxford University Press, Transworld and several public venues including hospitals and museums. (Marine House Galleries Beer. the Brownstone Gallery, Modbury)

For more information please contact