Welcome to the Seaton & District Art Society’s Website.

Yes, its approaching that time of year again .. and in December as usual well be having our

Seaton and District Art Society AGM.

This year our AGM will take place on December 6th at the Colyford Village Hall. But don’t stop reading, there’s more…

You may be thinking ‘Shall I go or not?’

‘I’ll only get roped in to doing something on the Committee’ but wait.. this year we have a treat for you because as the AGM finishes (and yes, we do have vacancies on our Committee) our December art demonstration will begin.

Anna Brewster is an artist from Sidmouth. Anna uses proper old fashioned ink and nibs of the same sort we used at school (yes, I am THAT old) and also hollow reeds cut from Seaton Wetlands as alternative nibs.

Anna is one of the trio of artists who displayed amazing art work at Colyton Umborne Bridge Studios for the Devon Open Studios this summer and she will demonstrate how to use ink and a nib pen (or reed) to finish off her watercolours and black and white drawings. When we visited the Umborne Studio during the Devon Open Studios Annas demonstration was so interesting we have asked her to demonstrate to you all.

Anna is an all round ‘Good Egg’ and is also the inspiration and co-founder of the Sidmouth Samaritans Art Gallery placed along the rear wall of the Samaritans Charity Shop. Each artist may display work for 8 weeks free of charge but upon a sale the shop would like a donation. The volunteers in the charity shop will wrap any sold paintings. There is (or was when I visited) about an 8 week waiting list to display paintings.

All the best

Jacky Wheeler

Jenny Oldfield


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