Membership Renewal


Firstly, Membership of the Society entitles you to attend our Monthly Demonstrations, come to Monday Club (there is a nominal charge of 3 pounds per week to contribute towards the cost of hiring the hall) and exhibit at our Annual Exhibition. Not bad for 20 pounds per year!

The membership runs from the first of January to the end of December so now is the time to spring into action.

Like the great Paul Simon said, there must be ’50 ways to leave your lover’ and there are almost as many to renew or start your S&DAS membership.

You can print off the attached form and fill it in by hand (you won’t be able to edit it as it is a PDF).

Then you can scan in the completed form and email it to Liz Dewar, our Membership Secretary, on setting up a bank transfer with your name in the narrative field (our bank details are on the form).

Or you can print off the form, complete it and post it, along with a cheque for 20 pounds to her at 18 Axeford,Chard JunctionTA20 4QL.

Or, if you are renewing your membership and your details haven’t changed, then you can set up the bank transfer and send Liz an email telling her you have done so and that your details are the same.

Or you can print the form, complete it and hand it to Liz at the next demo.

Alas, we haven’t mastered the technology to be able to do the whole thing online but are working on that..

You could hand it all to a friend who is attending the demo, send it by carrier pigeon, drone (not recommended giving the proximity of Exeter Airport), silently post it through his letter box at night (scary) or cartwheel into the hall at the demo wearing a sequined leotard and clutching the form between your teeth (my personal favourite).

So there are lots of ways.

Your choice then.

Liz Dewar – Treasurer andMembership Secretary

Click on the wordsMembership-form-2020to download our membership renewal form