Who’s who in the Society

Following the AGM on the 3rd December 2018, our Committee members are as follows:-

David Evans
Tel: 01297 20570
email: chairman@seatonartsociety.co.uk.

Jenny Oldfield
Mob: 07966 530 999
email: secretary@seatonartsociety.co.uk.

Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Mike Ilsley
Tel: 01297 553735
email: treasurer@seatonartsociety.co.uk.

Committee Members
Mike Brown
Liz Dewar
Michael Fanner
Ali Foxcroft
Boots Hackman

Annette Williams

Monday Club
Roger Mance
Tel: 01297 23890
email: mondayclub@seatonartsociety.co.uk.

Demo Organiser
Jacky Wheeler
Tel: 01297 23166
email: demonstrations@seatonartsociety.co.uk.