Participating in the Exhibition.

The days when the Exhibition is open to the public (Saturday 10th August to Thursday 15th August) the Hall will be busy. We can have up to 70 visitors a day and each one could be a potential buyer. So it is essential that the hall is sufficiently staffed with stewards to handle the visitors, manage their purchases and be on hand to give advice and help.

So vital is this that we have made it conditional upon exhibiting. Put simply if you don’t volunteer for the stewarding Rota you will be unable to exhibit. Obviously there are members who have mitigating circumstances but in general the rule applies.

This Rota comprises of three session per day, 10am to 12:30pm, 12:30pm to 3pm, 3pm to 5pm. Each session requires 4 stewards. The task will be (a) to accept payment for purchases (b) to package purchases and help with the payments (c) to meet and greet people coming through the door and (d) to walk around the Hall answering questions and talking to the visitors.

It will be sent out early in order to enable people to book their slots. As the slots are filled the updated Rota is sent out until it is fully complete.

Members are also welcome to give a demonstration of their skills. Visitors find this a fascinating inside into what is achievable. We regularly have demonstrations on painting miniatures, felt making, life drawing, pen and ink drawing and sculpture amongst other things. To volunteer for this please enter your name in the extreme right hand column of the appropriate day and chose your times to suit yourself.