How to hang a picture with D-Rings

To produce a saleable, neat and professional entry, the reverse of your artwork is as important as the front.

Pictures are best hung using a pair of D-Rings screwed onto the back of each side of the wooden picture frame. They provide attachment points that the white nylon picture cord can then be strung between.

To do this you will need:-

(1) Two D-Rings for attaching the D-Rings to the frame. These are available from most art shops and online art suppliers.

(2) Approx 1 metre (3 ft) length of white nylonpicture hanging cord. This is also available from art shops and online suppliers in multiple metre lengths. White nylon cord is infinitely preferable to wire or string (which can fray and break) and look much more professional

(4) A short length of picture hanging tape for the cord ends

In addition you will need a bradawl or pointed tool to make a small hole into the frame (seen here with the red handle) and a small cross-point screwdriver to match the screws for the D-Rings.

Packs of the above are available from Jenny Oldfield on and Monday Club meetings


1 Measure approximately 1/3 of the distance down on one side of the frame and mark with pencil. Measure down the other side the exact same distance and mark again. The pencil line should extend to the inner edge of the frame.

2 Offer up the D-ring so that the flat side rests on the frame and the loop and ring overhang the inner edge. The pencil mark should be visible though the hole in the D-Ring plate.

3 Use a bradawl or pointed tool to poke a small hole into the frame through the hole in the D-Ring. This will provide a starter hole for the screws.

4 Screw the D-Ring to the frame with one of the two screws provided. Leave enough slack for them to turn slightly with the weight of the picture when hung.

5 Repeat the procedure on the other side of the canvas. Now the two D-Rings will face each other.

6 Thread the cord through the D-Rings leaving a couple of inches spare to knot the cord into place. With your best Girl Guide/Scout knowledge, knot the cord securely with an overhand knot. Repeat this three times. Trim excess cord back to 25 mm (approx 1 inch) from the final knot.

7 Finish by wrapping a piece of the hanging tape over the cord ends to stop them fraying.

8 Your picture is all ready to hang.