Liz Roberts

In memory of Liz Roberts

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I have to pass on the news of the death of Liz Roberts, who died suddenly a few days ago while she was with a friend enjoying a cup of tea.

We used to meet at Monday Club and at Life Drawing classes. She could come across as a little crusty but underneath that was a deeply sensitive and perceptive soul. A talented artist with a brilliant mind.

The news was relayed to us by her son when he, his wife and their daughter visited the Methodist Hall yesterday.

Apparently, Liz did not talk much about her life but she did talk a lot about her friends at Monday Club and of how much she enjoyed her art.

He felt that she had been given quick and painless departure. She had not been ill or in distress. She just slipped away, which is what she would have wanted.

There will be no funeral or mourning. Not her scene.

Just gently and warmly remembered.