About the Exhibition

Summary of dates – timetable

The Annual Exhibition will be held at the Seaton Town Hall. Public open days will run from Saturday 10th August until Thursday 15th from 10am to 5pm each day.

In order to assist the administration of this event, Members complete a ‘Registration and Payment Form’ which gives their details and itemises the works they intend to enter. There are Exhibiting fees for artwork, for example pictures, be they framed or unframed, are GBP 2.50 for small, GBP 5.00 for large. This form, along with the appropriate payment is to be submitted to the organisers before Monday 22nd July.

Immediately prior to the Exhibition is the ‘Setting Up’. This is done on Thursday 8th from 18:00, when the display boards are transported from their storage in the SDAS Hut, delivered to the hall and installed, ready for the ‘Handing In’ the following day.

Friday 9th August is the ‘Handing In’ day where, between 9:00am and 10:30am, members deliver their artwork to the hall (where it is received, logged and subsequently hung on the display boards. Members submit a ‘Handing in Form’ which, again, list the items for Exhibiting.

On Friday afternoon the works are evaluated by a panel of professional artists who award prizes for various categories.

There is a private preview that evening for Members and their partners to see the Exhibition in all its glory and, for the lucky winners, to collect their prizes. This is the first, and often the main, opportunity for works to be sold.

The opportunity for sales will continue throughout the week ending at 5pm on Thursday 15th, when the unsold artwork is collected by members and the display boards dismantled and returned to the Hut.