Car Sharing Scheme

Dear Members,

Liz Dewar, has come up with a good idea which we would like to put to you..

She has noticed that some members have started to get together to share the car journey to our Demos and Monday Club meetings.

Now, that makes tremendous sense as not only could you halve the cost of fuel plus wear and tear on the vehicle but your could enjoy the companionship of others especially in the forthcoming winter months.

Members come from quite far and wide these days. Chard, Honiton, Axminster even Exeter and maybe there is someone living in these places that is unaware of another one living in the same area..

So Liz suggests that you email her with your details and she will be able to put you in touch with others who are willing to participate in the scheme and who live nearby or on your route to Seaton.

Delightfully simple and practical.

Contact her on